Muirkirk vineyard is situated on Felton Road in Bannockburn, Muirkirk Pinot Noir gives you a very textural wine, plenty of breadth and depth, with slightly darker flavours associated with bannockburn yet with elegance and lightness that our Mount Edward house style brings.

Morrison Vineyard comes from the lower terraces of the Pisa sub region, Morrison Pinot Noir is a total sleeper, a taut wine that delivers concentration and power that belies your initial impression. It is that cliched steel fist/velvet glove.

Pisa Terrrace, by its name comes from the upper terraces of the Pisa sub region. Always the first to be harvested Pisa Terrace gives you wine of perfume and aromatics, a lifted wine, light in feel and weight, elegant with a purity of fruit.

13.5% Alc


319.00 kr